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The Pack’s Prayers for Pronger

Chris Prongers Injured

Over the weekend, the Flyers organization celebrated its annual Flyers Wives Carnival. Fun was had, laughs were heard, but some extremely unsettling news about our captain Chris Pronger was shared by his wife, Lauren. 

“Unfortunately, I can’t report any major improvement,” Lauren Pronger, a co-chairperson for the team’s annual charity event, told reporters Sunday. “I certainly wish I could. It’s very disheartening.”

At this point, it’s not about hockey. It’s not about Stanley Cups or even a question of retirement from the NHL. Right now it’s all about quality of life. And Chris is lamentably questioning whether he’ll ever feel like the same man he was before his concussion. 

The Pronger family may be contacting former Flyer great, Keith Primeau, who suffered many concussions throughout his professional hockey tenure and was forced to retire in 2006 because of them. Even today Keith battles through the symptoms which include invariable headaches, sensitivity to light, and nausea. Lauren Pronger went on to say this entire episode is very frightening for her husband Chris. 

Like I mentioned before, this no longer has anything to do with sports. As of right now, I (along with my Orange & Black Pack colleagues) are concerned about Prongs’ well-being as a husband to his wife, and a father to his children. Through these hard times, small reminders that Chris has the prayers and hopes of millions of fans behind him may go a long way in aiding his road to recovery. 

Which is why The Pack wants to dedicate somewhat of a Get Well salute to #20. 

To do this, we ask ALL our readers and fans to participate in a Twitter campaign. The Pack wants to write a Get Well article embedded with all the Get Well tweets from fans, and see to it that the link is passed to Chris Pronger’s attention. 

Today is February 21st, and the hour is 12:00pm. We ask our readers to Tweet the Orange & Black Pack with their hopes and prayers to Chris Pronger, hashtagging  #PrayersForPronger.

Between now and Tuesday, February 28th, 12:00pm, The Pack asks each of you to participate and spread the word. Please note that this is not an attempt to gain more readers and IP hits on our site. We’re merely using the resources that we have in order to show a man who’s given us a lot to root for that we appreciate him beyond the icy field of battle. That he’s a Philadelphian. And overall, that he’s our friend. 

Thank you,

Michael DeNicola, Joe Bogle and Timothy March.