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Philadelphia Flyers – Most Famous Players of All Time

Philadelphia Flyers – Most Famous Players of All Time

The Philadelphia Flyers is the professional ice hockey team of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, a part of the National Hockey League (NHL). Since their establishment in 1967, the Flyers have had a rich history marked by the contributions of numerous notable players.  

Let’s take a look at the most iconic figures to ever don the orange and black jersey, offering nostalgic tales and thrilling highlights from their storied careers.

Top 10 Most Beloved Philadelphia Flyers Players in History

Featuring legends like Bobby Clarke, Bernie Parent, and Eric Lindros, the Philadelphia Flyers have had their fair share of iconic players. Their impact on the team’s history and contribution to the sport make them unforgettable figures in Flyers’ lore.

1. Bobby Clarke

Bobby Clarke stands as a Flyers legend, his name echoing through Philly’s sports halls. He’s the man with records that still tower today—most points, assists, and short-handed goals by any Flyer.

A leader on ice, Clarke captained the team to not just one but two Stanley Cups. His number 17 jersey became a symbol of tireless grit and fierce competition.

Clarke didn’t just play hockey; he lived it with every breath. Drafted in 1969, he quickly showed the world that diabetes wouldn’t slow him down. In fact, it was fuel for his unstoppable spirit.

Fans admired his relentless drive and voted him an all-time favorite Flyer time and again.

The Hockey Hall of Fame recognized Clarke’s extraordinary talent in 1987 when they welcomed him as a member—a tribute to his three Hart Trophies and undeniable impact on hockey history.

Today’s players still look up to him as the embodiment of what it means to be a Philadelphia Flyer: heart, soul, and an undying love for the game.

2. Bernie Parent

Bernie Parent was a hero in the nets for the Philadelphia Flyers. In 1967, he left the Boston Bruins and joined the Flyers through the expansion draft. He quickly became a wall on ice, setting records with his outstanding goaltending skills.

Fans adored him; his name echoed through the arena as chants of “Bernie.. Bernie.. Bernie” filled the air.

Parent’s performance between the pipes earned him a spot among hockey’s elite. His goals-against average was an incredible 1.89 at one point, leading the league and showcasing his dominance in goal.

Teammates respected him greatly, as did Keith Allen and Ed Snider who admired his immense talent and leadership.

Even today, Bernie’s legacy lives on with fans in Philly. His number hangs high in their hearts just as it does from the rafters at games. The NHL recognized this greatness too, ranking him among modern hockey’s top 100 players—a testament to an extraordinary career that still inspires both young goalies and seasoned veterans alike.

3. Bill Barber

Bill Barber made his mark on ice hockey with the Philadelphia Flyers. Born in Ontario, he blasted past opponents to score an impressive 420 goals. This record stood tall as the highest number for the Flyers.

Not just a legend on the rink, Barber also brought his keen eye for talent off it. He now works as a scouting consultant, passing on his wisdom.

Team captain Bob Clarke called him the top left wing of their era. Every season he played, Bill netted at least 20 goals – a testament to his steady hand and sharpshooting skills.

His excellence didn’t go unnoticed; in 1990, he was honored with an induction into the Hockey Hall of Fame. Fans remember No.7 not just for his goal streak but also for how he shaped Philly hockey history.

4. Eric Lindros

Eric Lindros, a powerhouse in hockey history, left an indelible mark during his eight-season stint with the Philadelphia Flyers. He is recognized as one of the ‘100 Greatest NHL Players’ and has his iconic jersey, #88.  Retired by the Flyers, Lindros firmly secured his place in hockey folklore.

His undeniable prowess was evident when he clinched the Hart Trophy in 1995 and formidable stats that etched him into Flyers’ top 10 for goals and assists. Even after missing 30 games due to injury, Lindros remarkably amassed an impressive 79 points during his tenure with the Flyers.

Lindros also made waves off-ice as he landed a substantial five-year contract worth around $24 million – an indication of his immense impact on and off the rink. His influence continues to resonate within sports culture, leaving a lasting legacy that transcends generations of fans.

5. Mark Howe

Mark Howe, a Philadelphia Flyers legend, was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame in 2011. During his impressive 10 seasons with the Flyers, he became the team’s all-time leading scorer among defensemen with an incredible 480 points.

Notably, Howe was the first defenseman from the Flyers to earn this prestigious honor and had his number 2 retired by the team in 2012.

Throughout his illustrious career spanning 16 seasons with teams like Hartford Whalers and Red Wings, Mark Howe solidified himself as a dominant two-way player known for leaving an indelible mark on every game he played.

6. John LeClair

John LeClair, a beloved figure in Philadelphia Flyers history, showcased his scoring prowess during his 10 seasons with the team. His impressive tally of 333 goals firmly places him as the franchise’s fifth all-time leading goal scorer.

Known for his physicality and goal-scoring abilities, LeClair formed an iconic partnership with center Eric Lindros that left an indelible mark on Flyers lore. This legendary combination became part of one of the most celebrated lines in Flyers history.

In recognition of his impact on the sport and the team, LeClair was appointed as a special advisor to hockey operations for the Flyers in 2023. This role solidifies his enduring influence within the organization and extends his legacy beyond just being a prolific goal scorer. 

7. Claude Giroux

Claude Giroux, the Canadian forward and alternate captain for the Ottawa Senators of the NHL, has led the Philadelphia Flyers with his exceptional talent and leadership as their captain for almost a decade.

He marked his legacy by being named the most valuable player of the NHL All-Star Game, representing the Flyers with three goals and an assist. Despite some belief that Giroux deserved more from the team during his time as captain, he is undeniably one of the top 10 beloved players in Flyers’ history due to his significant impact on their performance.

Giroux’s standing among all-time Flyers has been recognized by experts in the NHL, solidifying his place among elite players in team history. His contribution to both Philadelphia and Ottawa defines him as a prominent figure in modern NHL hockey history.

8. Eric Desjardins

Eric Desjardins, a revered Philadelphia Flyers defenseman for 11 seasons, left an indelible mark on the team’s history. With an impressive tally of 93 goals and 303 assists in 738 games, he showcased his prowess both defensively and offensively.

Joining the team during the 1994-95 season, Desjardins made an immediate impact by posting 23 points in just 38 games. As a fluid-skating blueliner known for shutting down opponents while contributing to the scoreboard, he earned admiration from fans and was ultimately inducted into the Flyers Hall of Fame.

Desjardins’ legacy is further solidified as one of the most beloved players in Philadelphia Flyers history due to his outstanding contributions that cemented his status as a blue line legend.

9. Brian Propp

Brian Propp, the iconic Philadelphia Flyers player, left an indelible mark on the team’s history. During his remarkable tenure from 1979-90, Propp showcased exceptional skill and dedication, becoming a beloved figure among fans.

With an impressive 1,016 regular season games under his belt, he etched his name as one of the most treasured players in franchise history.

As a former National Hockey League All-Star and a key contributor to the Flyers’ success during their Stanley Cup finals berths in 1984–85 and 1986–87, Propp’s legacy is firmly entrenched in Philadelphia Flyers lore.

10. Rick MacLeish

Rick MacLeish, a prominent figure in Philadelphia Flyers history, devoted 12 seasons to the team. During the remarkable 1976-77 season, he showcased his prowess with an outstanding 97-point campaign.

His legacy is further cemented by his accumulation of 697 points during his tenure with the team, placing him fourth in franchise history. MacLeish’s induction into the Flyers’ Hall of Fame attests to his profound impact on the team and its devoted fan base.

Known for his exceptional skating finesse and lethal left-handed wrist shot, Rick MacLeish was a pivotal player for the renowned Broad Street Bullies teams in the 1970s. His two-way play as a center garnered immense respect from teammates and adversaries alike.

Highlight on All-Time Lineup of Philadelphia Flyers

The all-time lineup of the Philadelphia Flyers boasts an impressive combination of talent, skill, and grit, showcasing the best players to ever don the orange and black. So buckle up and discover the iconic players who have left a lasting mark on Flyers history!

Forward Line 1: Bill Barber, Bobby Clarke, Tim Kerr

Bill Barber, Bobby Clarke, and Tim Kerr formed the formidable forward line 1 for the Philadelphia Flyers. This trio boasts a combined total of 2648 games of experience with the Flyers, showcasing their enduring impact on the team.

Among them, Tim Kerr played an integral role in contributing to the line’s success on the ice, further solidifying their legendary status.

Their chemistry and individual contributions created an unstoppable force that left a lasting impression on Philadelphia Flyers’ history. Their remarkable partnership exemplified skill, camaraderie, and resilience which earned this iconic forward line its place among fans’ most beloved memories.

Forward Line 2: John LeClair, Eric Lindros, Claude Giroux

John LeClair, Eric Lindros, and Claude Giroux form the powerhouse second forward line in Flyers’ history. As a team, they struck fear into opponents with their remarkable skill and chemistry on the ice.

Lindros, a Hall of Famer for the Flyers, was a dominant force alongside LeClair, who also earned his place in the Flyers’ Hall of Fame.

Lindros and LeClair were known as one of the most formidable duos in NHL history. Their partnership with Giroux added depth to an already threatening offense. Claude Giroux’s exceptional playmaking abilities and leadership skills have solidified his legacy as one of Philadelphia’s greatest players.

Defensive Pair 1: Chris Pronger, Eric Desjardins

Chris Pronger and Eric Desjardins formed an iconic defensive pair for the Philadelphia Flyers. During the 2009-10 season, Chris Pronger took charge as the cornerstone of the Flyers’ defense, showcasing his prowess by averaging a remarkable 25:56 minutes of ice time per game.

Both players are celebrated as two of the top defensemen in Flyers history, leaving a lasting impact on the team’s legacy.

The Flyers have historically boasted a formidable forward lineup; however, their defense has sometimes been perceived as weaker in comparison. Nonetheless, Chris Pronger and Eric Desjardins emerged as pillars on which the team’s defensive strength rested.

Goaltenders: Bernie Parent, Ron Hextall

Bernie Parent, a legendary figure in the NHL, made an indelible mark as a Philadelphia Flyers goaltender. He played 13 seasons with the team and led them to two Stanley Cup victories in the 1973-74 season.

His influence extended beyond his playing career, as he also served as a goaltending coach for the Flyers, mentoring future netminders.

Ron Hextall is renowned not only for his time as a player but also as a general manager for the Flyers. Comparisons between Parent and Hextall are common since both are considered among the greatest goalies in Flyers history.

Hall of Fame Inductees from the Flyers 

Several Philadelphia Flyers players have been honored with inductions into the Hockey Hall of Fame, solidifying their legacies in the sport. From legendary defenseman Paul Coffey to the elite forward Peter Forsberg, these Hall of Famers have left an indelible mark on the Flyers’ storied history.

Paul Coffey

Paul Coffey, an esteemed hockey player, achieved a well-deserved induction into the Hockey Hall of Fame in 2004. His remarkable career saw him represent several renowned teams such as the Philadelphia Flyers, Chicago Blackhawks, Carolina Hurricanes, and Boston Bruins.

Notably, this skilled defenseman secured his fourth Stanley Cup during his illustrious journey. As one of the league’s 100 greatest players of all time, he played an instrumental role in shaping the game’s history.

Born in Weston, Ontario, Paul Coffey honed his skills within Toronto’s minor hockey system before ascending to the OHL’s Sault St. Marie Greyhounds. His impact on teams he played for was significant and enduring – especially with Philadelphia Flyers.

Peter Forsberg

Peter Forsberg, a Swedish ice hockey player, made a significant impact during his time with the Philadelphia Flyers. Despite battling injuries, he managed to record an impressive 75 points while donning the Flyers’ jersey.

His exceptional skills on the ice and unwavering determination left a lasting impression on the team and its fans alike. Forsberg’s induction into both the IIHF Hall of Fame in 2013 and the Hockey Hall of Fame in 2014 solidifies his status as a legendary figure in ice hockey history.

Not only did Forsberg leave an indelible mark on the sport, but he also showcased versatility by playing for various teams throughout his career, including stints with the Colorado Avalanche and Philadelphia Flyers.

Impactful Players for Recent Seasons

Carter Hart has emerged as a standout goaltender for the Flyers, while young forward Joel Farabee has quickly made his mark on the team. These impactful players have shown promise for the future of the Philadelphia Flyers and continue to make significant contributions to the team’s success.

Carter Hart

Carter Hart, a goaltender for the Philadelphia Flyers, has taken an indefinite leave of absence from the team due to personal reasons. General manager Danny Briere addressed Hart’s leave of absence and announced that it had been requested and granted by the team.

This announcement has raised concerns among fans and the hockey community, as he is a well-known and respected player who has been an impactful presence for the Flyers since joining in 2018.

It is important for the Flyers to support Hart during this time while also continuing to perform well in his absence.


The Philadelphia Flyers have seen some legendary players grace their ice. From Bobby Clarke to Claude Giroux, each player has left an indelible mark on the team’s history.

As we celebrate their legacy, let’s also look forward to future stars who will continue the tradition of greatness for this iconic franchise.