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Hello. I’m Mike Daniels, a die-hard Philadelphia Flyers fan. On The Orange and Black Pack, I talk about all things hockey – insights, perspectives, strategies, and sometimes, rant too…

I follow the play-offs closely and engage in discussions and conversations related to it. You will see the site with updates, news, and opinions about different playoffs and the NHL in general. I try to cover all aspects of Hockey.

I try to contribute to the hockey community, by talking about the game strategies. I also talk about other variations field hockey, street hockey and even Octopush (yes that’s also a form of hockey played under water). 

Shoutout to the ex-authors of the Orange and Black Pack – Michael DeNicola ( and Timothy March ( Their fanaticism got OBP featured in some of the most prestigious media outlets:

So whether you’re a casual fan or a die-hard fan, or just someone who wants to know about all-things-hockey, you’ll find something to learn about it on The Orange and Black Pack. Go ahead, and take a look around.

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